Social Media Policy

5 Mar

Before implementing a social media strategy, colleges and universities should first create a social media policy.  A social media policy is important for many reasons:

  • It lays the foundation for how social media should be used in relation to the institution
  • It sets clear guidelines for users
  • It helps to protect the institution from legal issues as well as false or inaccurate information
  • It protects institutional brand and image
  • Once a social media policy is created, it should be shared with all employees within the institution.

Coca Cola, a major brand, has a clear, comprehensive and well-thought-out social media policy.  The company has set important guidelines, and I feel that many of Coca Cola’s social media rules also apply to colleges and universities.

Here are the top principles that stand out for me, taken from Coca Cola:

  • “When in doubt, do not post”
  • “Let the subject matter experts respond to negative posts”
  • “Be conscious when mixing your business and personal lives”
  • “Be mindful that you are representing the Company”
  • “Practice good judgment and common sense”
  • “You are responsible for your actions”

What other elements do you think are important to include in an institutional social media policy?



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