Monitoring Social Media Activity Provides Valuable Insights

27 Feb

One of the biggest advantages I see with social media is that it is a way for organizations, including colleges and universities, to gain insights.

There is a wealth of information that can be gleaned from social media.  From a college’s viewpoint, social media can be monitored to find out such things as:

  •  How people feel about your institution and what they are saying
  •  How people feel about your competitors
  •  How people perceive college in general
  •  What successes and challenges people are facing in regard to higher education
  •  What trends are taking place in the higher education industry
  •  How your competitors are using social media

 The feedback received from monitoring social media can be used by institutions to improve and enhance customer service, marketing, academics and overall operations while also providing new ideas and opportunities to build stronger relationships with students and the public.

There are a variety of tools that colleges and universities can use to monitor the social media activity of students and others in correlation to their institution.  Services range from free all the way to thousands of dollars, depending what information institutions want to receive and how in-depth their social media strategy is.  If you are looking for more information on the various monitoring tools, click here for an extensive list by Pam Dyer from Panorama. 

I want to point out that there are many free tools out there, so if your institution is new to social media, these tools may be a good option to try out before opting for the pay services.  One in particular is  Social Mention is like Google Alerts, but for social media.  How it works is you select what key words you want to monitor and the site will send you an email every time these keywords are mentioned on social media sites along with a link to the site.  I recently created an alert for the college I work for and will receive an alert every time it is mentioned on a social site, including blogs.  Social Mention is an excellent and cost-effective way to monitor your institution’s social reputation as well as find out what is being said about institution by the public.  I am eager to see what I find out!

Does your institution conduct social media monitoring?  If so, how does your institution use this information?

Thanks for reading!



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